On this page we will introduce you to several interesting projects that we feel passionate about and/or have been part of. All of these projects are amazing and, by sharing information about them, we can hopefully spread the word and get more people interested and involved!

Look no further, it’s never too late to make a change!

Trash Hero World


Trash Hero is a global volunteer movement that drives change within communities around the world. By creating sustainable, community-based projects Trash Hero inspires long-term behaviour change while removing existing waste and reducing it for the future. Currently, its network consists of 12 countries around the world with a strong concentration on South East Asian countries, but also extends into Europe, Australia and the USA. There is no doubt that everyone can be a Trash Hero!

Chimp Eden – The Jane Goodall Institute SA


Chimp Eden located just 15km outside Nelspruit, South Africa is home to chimpanzees that have been misplaced from their natural habitats in Africa. The South African chimpanzee sanctuary is very proud to be part of the Jane Goodall Institute, which is a global leader in the effort to conserve and preserve endangered species, especially chimpanzees. Established in 2006 the Chimp Eden brings the world of chimpanzees closer to us through education and eco-tourism. You can also adopt a chimpanzee though them!

Moholoholo – Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre 


Moholoholo is situated by the Drakensberg mountains about 30km from Hoedspruit, South Africa. This Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is the home to many of South Africa’s abandoned, injured and/or poisoned wildlife. The aim of the centre is to rehabilitate and return birds and animals to the wild but due to the nature and extent of their injuries it is not always possible. Therefore, they have a number of “permanent residents” at the centre as “ambassadors” for their respective species.

Marine Megafauna Foundation


MMF carries out pioneering research on marine megafauna and uses scientific evidence to educate the public and governments to influence long-lasting conservation efforts. It is also possible to volunteer with them. They have a variety of roles available throughout the organization and across the world. MMF has 3 priority regions: Americas, Western Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia. Here they carry out research, education and conservation. Manta adoption is also possible on the website which is a great way to support their work.

Mozambique Keep Kids in School Fund 


This project is a crowdfunding ran by our friend Orlando who works as a school teacher in Mozambique. There children don’t often make it past the first few years of school because they lack the motivation to continue. They also face immense obstacles, like walking long distances barefoot on hot sand in the blistering African heat. This is the reason why, still nowadays, many kids drop out of school. It contributes to making Mozambique one of the countries with the highest number of uneducated people in the 21st century.